Saturday, February 24, 2007

No One is More Kali Than Another

I have a problem with the idea that any human being embodies Kali anymore than any other, regardless of what they are saying, chanting, what religion they are or whether they look like folks' idea of what Kali is.

Kali the cultural artifact and Kali the Mahashakti have literally no relation to one another outside of those of us who use one to establish relationship to the other. We fall in love with the idea of Kali as it is expressed by shakta culture, and that becomes a vessel by which we come into a real relationship with the Mahashakti. But, ANY cultural vessel can be used and will be just as effective. It's purely a matter of personal preference rather than any kind of accuracy in the iconography.

So, when someone suggests that a portly Indian lady can channel "Kali energy," I feel compelled to express the opinion above. Indian women – guru or otherwise – have no more connection to Kali the Mahashakti than any other woman – or man, dog, fish, snake or whatever other being you come up with. Any connection anyone makes between the Mahashakti and any human being is purely in the mind of the one convinced there is a connection. Shree Ma may be Kali for a whole lot of people, but for some of us, she's no closer to that omnipresent truth than a bum you step over in the street.